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Great Product !!!!!!!!

  Cwen Dsa


A five star plus from my side surly.

  Sanjeev Lal


Amazing product and excellent service!

  Dileep John


My daughter introduced this product to my home. Good product, removed all stabilisers.

  Iris Jose


It’s a great product ???? Really got rid of the frequent power fluctuations. Happy to hv this at home n would advise all of u to go for it????

  Pramila D'sa


Product is very useful for our house safety I will recommend every house owner should install Realgard in their house

  Freddy Dsa


"Its a wonderful alternative to smaller stabilisers which spoil the aesthetics of the home decor, instead you can stabilise the entire home with one installation near to the main DB. It should be considered as a design equipment by all electrical designers. Your fridge, ACs and other critical equipments will be protected against wide voltage fluctuations" Very cost effective option too..I have installed one for my home..

  Alex Zachariah


I have installed “REALGARD “ in my home at Skyline Oasis Compound at Thellakom ,Kottayam almost one year back , As per my experience , It is very trustable product and Good protection for A C and other valuable Electrical Appliances...

  Reji Samuel


A close friend of dad suggested this product to us. Heard many celebs have this product installed in their homes for appliance/voltage protection etc. Its the faith of Mr. Kuriakose the product that convinced us. Glad to have opted realgard.

  Ajay David


Learnt about this product from a friend who had voltage issues in her house. Since i have a done up home & dint want any alterations or tod phod their technician suggested a Penta model. Had it done smoothly. No voltage fluctuation issues, had all the tacky stabilisers removed too. Surely recommend Realgard

  Mini Joy


I've purchased 3 Nos. of Realgard CIVP products to protect entire electrical & electronic appliances at my residences from year 2014. Till date they have backed up with timely services as and when i required. With this single device i have eliminated usage of multiple stabilisers in my villas thus saving electricity bills and bringing interior aesthetics by avoiding multiple stabiliser boxes.

  Biji Kuriakose Vazhayil


I am searching to get total voltage protection for my home in 2013,my friend he is an electrician said about your product details in our home town. I am participated the program and purchased one single phase unit for my home, at this time no need any service from them, now also working in good condition. I am saved my total home appliances from the High as well as Low voltage. But now in this year 2022 suggested to my nephew to install the product for his newly making home. Contacted them , but there is no response from the authorities.

  Rafeeque V M


Good product. I have installed in my residence . Supports & save electric & electronic equipments from high voltage. Also no need of keeping stabiliser for each items.Have qualified technicians & provide Good service.

  CMK Tyre


Great product. I am a happy customer for more than a year. Minimal voltage fluctuations, so no issues of dim lights and protects all my devices from voltage fluctuations. I got rid of all my individual stabilizers. And great after sales service makes it a perfect product for all households. I totally recommend it.

  Shanavas Khan


I am using a single phase realgard stabilizer 2013 onwards, it is very safe for my home



I had a flat with voltage issues which could not sustain the Air Conditioner load. Despite trying several products there was no way we could enjoy all the appliances in my home smoothly. The sudden power failure would create embarrassment for us. Thats when a friend of ours suggested Realgard to us. Their technician arrived gave us a demo & consultation as per our requirement & now its been more than a year that we're so proud of our choice.

  Renita Ajay Kachappilly