Is Realgard required, if MCB/ELCB has already been installed?

Yes.MCB protects only from overload and short circuit and ELCB protects only from Earth leakage and electric shock. MCB & ELCB are designed to pass 1100 Volts. Our appliance can withstand a maximum of 260V only. That means MCB & ELCB will not protect our appliance against abnormal voltage. So each electrical connection, Realgard protection is required.

Is it difficult to install?

No, It is easy to install. Trained technician from Realgard would help to install the product at your home, house under construction or place of work at a nominal charge.

If I install a Realgard, should I require stabilizers at home?

You don’t require any stabilizer once you installed Realgard at your home.

How do you save energy and reduction in electricity bills?

Realgard allows you to get away with all stabilizers. A stabilizer connected to a refrigerator consumes 8 Units of power and air conditioner 12 Units of power per month. By installing Realgard, you can save above Rs. 4500/-* per year.

What about service?

Generally, the product will perform without any service for years. Realgard provides 2 years of guarantee and service done at your door step according to your convenience. Extended warranty is also available, which can be taken at the time of purchase.